Rechargeable 10 Speed Magic Wand Massager

This toy is a very unique toy because this wand is capable of holding its very own sex toy attachment around the head of the wand!
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US$ 119.95   $ 99.95
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Rechargeable 10 Speed Magic Wand Massager

Cut That Cord and Enjoy!

We've freed the Magic Wand from its electrical cord for the first time in 30 years while keeping the same body-rocking power you love!


Enjoy even more options and ways to play with this new cordless design. You can take and use this vibe almost anywhere without having to find a nearby outlet. And unlike other rechargeable wands, this 10 speed wand massager is just as strong as the electric-powered wands and still gives you the intense vibrations you crave! It takes roughly 3 hours to fully recharge using the included charger. And if you’re ever running low on juice, you can still use the wand while charging it at the same time.

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime

If you’ve never used a wand before, then you’re in for a real treat! Wands generate extremely powerful throbbing vibrations that penetrate deep within your body to stimulate your innermost nerves. They’re much stronger than your average vibe, so be prepared for some serious vibration power.

With 10 different speeds of vibration, find what speed fits you!

With all that vibration power comes great responsibility, so this massager includes multiple stimulation modes to make it easy to use and control. It features 10 different speeds that can offer you some serious power, or, if you prefer teasing vibrations instead, it also comes with pulsating and escalating patterns for you to try. That gives you a wide range of sensations.

Flexible Massaging Head and Optional Male Attachment

The powerful vibrations are concentrated in the head, allowing you to focus on a single point for maximum pleasure. Or you can spread the pleasure out by rolling the wand all over your body. The flexible head bends and twists for a superior massage.

Incredibly versatile for all kinds of fun

While most people use their wand massager for direct stimulation, there's plenty of other fun things you can do with it. The powerful vibrations are great for foreplay massages.

Or you could pick up one of our brand new male masturbator attachments, sold separately, to use your wand as its very own "Oral Simulation"!

And if you’ve got some stiff muscles in your neck or back, the wand can take care of them in a snap!

PLEASE NOTE: The Wand Massager Attachments are sold separately, but on our site as well. You can find them listed under the "Toys - GUN OIL" tab!

  • Functions: 10 Different Satisfying Frequencies of Vibrations, Flexible Massaging Head, Rechargeable, Male Attachment Toy (Sold Separately), Lightweight, Easy to Grip, Compatible with Water-Based Lubricants and Easy to Clean!
  • Colors: Black and White
  • Overall Size: 14 inches in Length / Head Measures 2.4 inches wide
  • Material: Made with a Silicone Massaging Head & ABS Plastic Handle
  • Powered: Rechargeable (USB Charging Cord Included)
  • Additional Information: The Wide Head of this specific Wand Massager is MUCH different than our others! We have Male Attachments (Sold Separately) that are capable of making a fake toy feel like an actual mouth!  

    Recommended for use with water-based lubricants such as GUN OIL H2O®, GUN OIL Toy®, PINK® Water, PINK® Natural, PINK® Frolic, PINK® Indulgence Cream and Hot PINK®. 

    Clean-up is made easy with GUN OIL® Shine Foaming Toy Cleanser. Note: GUN OIL® Shine ships to U.S. addresses only.

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rechargeable 10 speed magic wand massager blackrechargeable 10 speed magic wand massager blackrechargeable 10 speed magic wand massager blackrechargeable 10 speed magic wand massager blackrechargeable 10 speed magic wand massager black
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